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Productive Systems
Productivity Through Innovation


34+ Years in business

350+ Customers

30+ Countries

Productive Systems design & manufacture conveyoring & packaging machinery for various industries including:

Rigid Plastic (especially blow & injection moulding)

Food & Beverage

Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic

Chemical & Household

Automotive & Other

Work with Us

 Although we have our standard range of equipment, we offer clients bespoke solutions designed around their specific product and requirment, using our extensive experience in automation design, often with unique solutions. We adjust our standard designs to suite your need.

Our standard equipment range includes:
A wide range of conveyor systems
Bagging machines for empty plastic bottles
Palletizers for empty plastic bottles
Pallet handling & conveyoring
Leak testing machines
Wadding (lining) machines for plastic caps
Mutli-part cap assembling machines
Self-adhesive labelling machines

Productive Systems pride itself in the quality of equipment we manufacture as well as the service we , a fact that is underlined by the amount of repeat business we receive from our customers. We have installations across the globe in countries such as USA, Panama, Belgium, Cyprus, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, China, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and all over Africa.

Our Products

Conveyor Range

  • FlexiLine aluminium profile conveyoring
  • Stainless & Mild steel frame conveyoring
  • Modular chain conveyoring
  • Air Conveyoring
  • Driven & free running roller conveyoring
  • Pallet conveyoring
  • Elevators & Lowerators

Bagging Machines

  • Semi automatic – Pre-made bag manually hooked onto bag clamps
  • Fully automatic – Bag in tube form on a roll automatically unwinded, cut and sealed and hooked onto bag clamps
  • Single or double in-feed
  • Conveyor or airconveyor in-feed
  • Bag palletizing / stacking

Palletizing Machines

  • Semi automatic – Manual place layer boards / trays
  • Fully automatic – Layer board / tray placement, empty pallet dispensing
  • Single or double in-feed
  • Conveyor or airconveyor in-feed
  • Pallet conveyoring
  • Automatic strapping
  • Automatic stretch wrapping

Pallet Handling

  • Driven roller or driven chain
  • Empty pallet dispensing / stacking
  • 90 degree cross transfer
  • 90 degree turntable
  • Mild steel for heavy loads
  • Aluminium for lightweight applications

Leak Testing

  • Productive Systems work in partnership with Proile Solutions from Australia supplying their leak testers for empty plastic bottles to the Southern African market.
  • In our experience the most reliable leak tester on the market.

Labeling Machines

  • Self adhesive (labels on backing paper)
  • Roll around for round bottles
  • Hold down for square / rectangular bottles
  • Barcode & leaflet applicators
  • Servo control for high speed

Wadding Machines

  • Cap wadding or lining machines
  • Punch type only (puncing wad from reel of material)
  • Cap folding possible
  • Gluing of wad possible
  • Cap counting / Box indexing

Cap Assembling Machines

  • Assembling of multi-part plastic closures
  • Carousel type or indexing type
  • Cap part unscrambling
  • Flow rate testing
  • Cap counting / Box indexing